Our Services

We provide the full spectrum of services necessary for absolute operational efficiency. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our work is dedicated to serving the railroad industry.

Who We Are

Engines are fueled, locomotives and railcars are maintained, and cars are loaded. You know we are doing our job when you don't even know we are there.

When the phone doesn't ring, it's us.

We didn't stumble upon this industry or add it as a sideline business. A fifth-generation railroader leads our team of experienced mechanics and fuel specialists in offering a single-stop, full-service resource for your operation's day-to-day needs and demands.

As your partner, we have the bench strength and the industry-specific knowledge, experience, and resources to make sure that you deliver your cargo from point A to point B as quickly, efficiently, and consistently as possible.

We'll do what's right for your business, for employees, and for the environment.

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Work With Us

LSI is looking to hire proven, dedicated individuals who will take themselves and us to the next level in safety, innovation, and efficiency. And if we don't have the right spot for you right now, we'll keep your resume at hand and will review it as openings occur.

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