Direct-to-Storage Tank Transportation of Diesel Fuel

The process seems simple. Fuel is picked up from the terminal then transported safely to your tanks where it is available for your trains. In practice, this process is incredibly precise and logistically complex.

Millions of gallons of fuel must be transported to remote locations. Levels must constantly be monitored. Deliveries must be timed so that you are never, ever, ever without a refueling source.

Your fuel levels are consistently and accurately reported, and we pride ourselves on always keeping your tanks exactly at the level you need. We can even be on the lookout for advantageous pricing and have the personnel available to swiftly secure that fuel and transport it to the storage tank.

LSI reliably maintains fuel levels for our clients by:

  • Proactively maintaining fuel levels for all tanks at customer specified capacity at all times
  • Providing instant access to fuel-levels
  • Ensuring that fuel is there, when you need it, so that unforeseen circumstances never cause an issue with your operations

Backup plans; not wake-up calls

In our 14 years of railroad-only experience, we've seen it all. Hurricanes happen. Pipelines are interrupted. Terminals shut down. Every contingency must be planned for—we've worked through these problems before and we know what to do. That's why our backup plan has a backup plan.